Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Sharps and Clinical Waste Awareness

Unfortunately we come across Sharps and Clinical waste in various forms sometimes on a daily basis and it is essential that correct procedures are used to prevent injury and infection.

£29 +VAT per person

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Minimum 6 : Maximum 15 Delegates
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Sharps and clinical waste awareness courses in the Midlands, Derby and BelperWho should attend?
The course is designed for employees in any sector of business from Nurseries to Foundries, Housing Associations to Railways who are likely to come into contact with Sharps or Clinical waste.

What they will learn?
Awareness of how to deal with and dispose of sharps and clinical waste correctly and safely and to cover your companies approach to safe working practices, and the Emergency procedures associated.

Course content

  • Introduction to the Definition of a Sharp and Clinical waste
  • Understanding the risks from Sharps and Clinical waste
  • Measures available to prevent injury
  • How to prevent contamination and the health risks associated
  • Your companies approach to safe working
  • Where Sharps are found
  • Collection and Disposal of
  • Emergency procedure for dealing with sharps injuries

Course duration
2 Hours

Assessment and certification
All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance, valid for 3 years.